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  1. Zugami 10 months ago

    If you have to ask the answer is generally NO. She accepted his proposal knowing all of this so what happens to her is all her. She just wants to get married.

  2. Vidal 10 months ago

    He’s emotionally somewhere between 4-8 years old.

  3. Faushakar
    Faushakar 10 months ago

    NikolaStark i see while i fuck like right now im watching with a chick who is amused by your reply point is this chick was hot and like the way she got fucked, since 1 ladies vagina penniless an wouldn't fuck i ream her sisters cunt still do even lmfao sorry i comment this way and u didn't like mine but ILL just keep fucking and explaining till you get some need e ill help u

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